Our Approach

Specialists in Connecting Customers with their Consumers

Map 2 Innovate, designs and develops customer engagement strategies and solutions that allow organizations to generate faster, more reliable results. We specialize in omni-channel customer engagement and dynamic point of sale engagement through the use of IoT and sensor based technologies and big data analysis.

Specifically, Map2’s solutions and applications in the past have enabled organizations to:

  • Use Mobile devices for remote data capture with RFID, IoT, QR & barcode abilities with dynamic form development, management and creation
  • Activate and track in store consumer engagement, collect data and initiate dynamic offers in real time to consumer devices
  • Allow automotive OEMs and Dealers to get important customer information securely on their own mobile devices including digital retailing inventory, rates, credit scores, bureaus, charts and news in near real time
  • Improve the effectiveness of field salespeople and other outside professionals using their wireless devices integrated across multiple CRM systems. 
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