Our Approach

Specialists in Connecting Businesses  with Qualified Consumers

Map 2 Innovate designs and builds customer engagement strategies that are repeatable, allowing organizations to generate faster, more reliable results. We specialize in B2B customer acquisition and relationship building through the use of content and technology to qualify customer data.

Specifically, Map2’s solutions in the past have enabled organizations to:

  • Improve the effectiveness of salespeople and other outside professionals to qualify and connect with their most important leads using their Customer Relationship Manangement systems.
  • Build qualified sales programs and funnels for MSPs, Professional services organizations and Cloud partners (AWS, Azure, GCP & Oracle)
  • Proven expertise in utilizing mobile technologies for data capture with RFID, IoT, QR & barcodes with dynamic form development, survey creation and management
  • Ideate, activate and track in field consumer engagement, collect data and initiate dynamic offers in real time to end consumer devices
  • Enable automotive OEMs and their Dealers to get important customer information securely on mobile devices. Applcations included digital retailing, inventory, rates, credit scores, bureaus, charts and news in near real time 
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